Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Thought of the day 27.9.2016

Diamond Consciousness

When you look at the world through your physical eyes, you will see all the facets of our diversity: culture, race, personality, religion and so on. Seeing only through your physical eyes, it is easy to become stubborn and to try to prove yourself right. However where there is stubbornness there is no love. And trying to prove the self-right is equally offensive. A diamond will sparkle even in the dust; you do not ever need to prove that you are right. In the face of the dangers that come from seeing only with the physical eyes, always think: now is the time to go beyond all divisions, beyond all that limits us and our sense of self. Whatever the race, the religion, the class - our consciousness now has to go beyond all of that.

Soul Sustenance

Following God’s Footsteps (Part 2) 

A very important characteristic of God is that He is an ocean of seven important qualities – peace, joy, love, bliss, purity, power and knowledge. There is no one as full spiritually, as Him. And the most important thing about God is that He is constant. That means He never loses these qualities by performing negative actions, as do. Even we have many qualities, but when we perform actions, which are sometimes negative, we lose these qualities. Also, when we lose our qualities, we take them from God to become full again. 

Another aspect of God’s nature is that He is completely soul conscious, pure and humble at all times. These three characteristics are what make Him the Supreme Soul of the Universe. In fact, He is not restricted to this Universe, but is a resident of the soul world, which is a non-physical world beyond the sun, moon and stars or the world of five elements. He comes down in the world, when there is sorrow and peacelessness prevalent in the world and changes the world into one which is free from sorrow. He brings a world in which there is complete peace and love amongst human beings. So, He is a Supreme parent. In the same way as a physical parent takes care of his or her children and cannot see them suffer or experience sorrow, God always wants to see the world in happiness and united at all times. This is His nature and He is the only one who can perform this role because He is an ocean of qualities with which He brings benefit to the world. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message of the day

There is victory for the person who opposes the weaknesses instead of the person. 

Expression:Instead of trying to win over a person who displays any negative qualities, one needs to oppose the negativity itself. The one who knows the art of doing this will never do anything to encourage the weakness in the other person but will provide all help to finish it fully. 

Experience: Since I am able to look at the weakness only and am trying to finish it, I will be free from negative feelings of dislike and hatred. There would be a genuine feeling of love, which in turn provides the right environment for the other person's growth. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Thought of the day 26.9.2016


True non-violence means never hurting others even through words. Most of us make a great effort not to hurt people physically, but sometimes we hurt others through our words, often accidently.
Today I will really think about the consequence of my words before I speak and consider how they might hurt others, I will also notice how when I do express negativity it makes those around me feel negative, which in turn affects me for the worst too.

Soul Sustenance

Following God’s Footsteps (Part 1) 

We all look upto Him. He is the one whom everyone remembers and is the one common Supreme Power that connects all of us together through a common relationship with Him.God is the Father of Humanity and the one whom we all love and respect the most because He is there with us eternally. He never stops taking care of us and helping us in our time of trouble or sorrow. There is never been a single moment in our life, when God is not available to us, when we have wanted His care and support. His love is a constant companion of ours. Even as a child, we were taught by our parents and other elders to always respect God and take His help right from the morning to the night in every little action we performed. Although as elders, sometimes we forget Him when we are busy in our daily routine and sometimes we give greater importance to our worldly loved ones. 

God is the spiritual father and the loving parent of each soul or human being in the world. In fact, every specie of the world and even nature’s seed is God. He is called the creator because He transforms every human being and the entire planet from impure or old to pure or new. This is His task which He performs for the world. And because He is the creator in this way, everyone remembers Him so much because of all that He has done for us. This is the task which makes Him so worship-worthy and the most respected One in the entire Universe. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message of the day

Faith is the key to the best use of one's fortune. 

Expression:For the one who has faith, in the self and in things, there is only positivity. Under all circumstances, there are only opportunities and treasures seen. Each moment is an inner urge to discover these hidden treasures and make the best use of them. So the one who has faith draws out the best from each and every situation. 

Experience: When I am able to move forward with faith, I am encouraged to give my best under all circumstances and am able to enjoy the best fruit of the effort that I put in. Faith gives me the courage to go on even during difficult times and so I have the satisfaction of bringing about constant change and progress in my life. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Thought of the day 25.9.2016

True Peace

True peace can be experienced only when we stop giving and taking sorrow. In order not to give sorrow we need a clear heart that has no ill feelings and for not taking sorrow we need a big heart that can tolerate and help other souls to get over their weaknesses.