Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thought for today 31-7-2014

May you become the embodiment of success by having the determination to make fruit grow even on infertile land. To become the embodiment of success in anything, a combination of determination and love is required. Just as scientists nowadays try to grow things in a desert, in the same way, continue to give the water of love with the power of silence and become fruitful. With determination, you can ignite the lamp of hope in those who are hopeless

Soul Sustenance

Understanding What Are Karmic Accounts 

We are not individuals acting alone in this world drama; we act in this extraordinary drama or play of life with other actors or souls who (along with us) play their different roles with different physical costumes at different times in the drama. During the process of interaction with other actors (souls) and according to the type of interaction with them, we create accounts of debit or credit that become the basis of our connections with others. The reasons for which a specific relationship goes well or not are in the so called karmic accountthat I have accumulated with the other person in the past. The past could be in this birth alone or in one or many previous births. The souls that play the parts of parents, children, husbands, wives, brothers, sisters, friends, office colleagues and others whom I know form a network for the giving and receiving of happiness and sorrow from accounts established in the past or being created in the present. 

The strongest relationships that I have now were established previously. We knew each other in other lives and but in different roles. The daughter of some births ago returns now as the father, the best friend comes back as the sister etc. As long as the account exists, the interchange of actions between two souls continues. When there is nothing more to give or receive, the paths between the two souls separate by death, a break-up, a divorce or simply by the loss of contact. An e.g. of this is our school friends. Many of our friends whom we were close to in our school days, we are not in touch with today. Another e.g. is when we change jobs; we might lose complete contact with our old colleagues. 

Message for the day

To be free from waste questions is to save time. 

Projection: When difficult situations come my way I usually have a lot of questions in my mind about it. I continue to ask myself why the situation has come and have no answers. These questions usually bring me no solution for the problems at hand but I continue to have waste thoughts. 

Solution: I need to understand the importance of the time that is in my hands. When I recognize the value of my time I will not waste time in unnecessary thoughts but will try to find a solution for the problem. If there is no solution for the problem I at least just stop thinking unnecessarily and just accept it. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Thought for today 30-7-2014

When a ship is caught in a storm, the captain navigates the ship towards the eye of the storm, a place of calm. As the storm subsides, the ship continues on its journey.

Similarly, when everything around us is changing, when there's a storm of emotions or events, we too can turn towards our inner calm; here, we can find strength and stability.

Then when the storm is over, we won't be battered or depleted. Instead we'll be able to continue on our journey with confidence and clarity.

Soul Sustenance

The Benefits Of Soul Consciousness (Part 3) 

The following differences between body consciousness and soul consciousness, will make you realize the benefits of soul consciousness (the practice of meditation make us soul conscious): 

In Body Consciousness: I am disturbed by feelings of false attractions.
In Soul Consciousness: I am attracted by the qualities of the Supreme Soul only.

In Body Consciousness: I give sorrow, like a thorn hurting everyone.
In Soul Consciousness:I spread the fragrance of virtues like a flower.

In Body Consciousness: I see everyone relative to my individual identity, my life revolving around "me"... this is arrogance (ego).
In Soul Consciousness: I respect each individual and relate to them with humility (egolessness). 

In Body Consciousness: I am tense and tired.
In Soul Consciousness: I am alert and relaxed. 

Message for the day

When there is determination in my thoughts, the clouds of negative situations will fade away. 

Projection: There are a lot of negative situations that come my way, as I am moving along. During the difficult phase I tend to experience a lot of negativity within too, either in the form of fear, anger or pain. At that time the difficulty seems very big and seems to last forever. 

Solution: I need to recognize the fact that whatever difficulties I face are like passing clouds. These clouds come at their time and fade away at their time too. I need to develop the determination to work on my problems with this understanding. I will then be able to face the situation with ease. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Thought for today 29-7-2014

When we rewind and replay our memories, not only are we reliving the past but we're also triggering all the associated feelings. 
If they're bad memories, not only are we retaining the negativity but we're also causing ourselves unnecessary pain. So be kind to yourself and stop pressing the rewind button.

Of course, there is a time to rewind constructively, a time to rewind the happiness. But there is also a time to unwind,
press play and enjoy the"right now".