Thursday, April 17, 2014

Thought for today 17-4-2014

If you're worrying about something, address the worry, there's obviously something that needs your attention.
Worrying serves no purpose unless it spurs you to move into action.

Ask yourself, if what you're worrying about were to happen: How bad would it be? How would you deal with it? Is there a positive possibility within the worry?

Turn the worry into something positive and make the worry work for you!

Soul Sustenance

The Pledge Of Responsibility 

A very important aspect of progress in the self and my relationships, which we all desire is restoring a sense of responsibility in my inner world, so that by doing that, I and others around me are benefitted. Even on a physical or non-spiritual level, someone who is responsible while playing his/her role or performing his/her duties either in the family, at the workplace or in some other setting e.g. a club group or a team in a particular sport or a social service group, not only feels content with his/her actions himself/herself but spreads ripples of contentment to others and receives similar energy from each one he/she is involved with. In the same way on an emotional or spiritual level, when I start my day I need to remind myself of my responsibility towards myself. I need to remind myself that I am responsible for the choices I make in my life which influence and color everyone around me. So do my thoughts, feelings, the way my personality functions internally and externally the whole day and my responses to people and situations, for all of which I am responsible. 

It is like taking a pledge of responsibility with the self in the morning that today I will not create a single thought, word or action which is against the texture of my innate, positive nature i.e. irresponsible. And what will provide my pledge the much required strength of determination? An injection of positive thoughts, emotions andsanskaras within me in the morning, using a suitable technique of self empowerment like meditation or spiritual study or some other. By taking such a pledge of responsibility and by watering it with the energy of my attention from time to time during the day, I am able to implement it and can make a difference to not only the people around me, but to a lot more than that. In this way, as I change, the world around me changes, because the energy I create in my inner world starts flowing into my circumstances, my interactions, my sphere of karmas, etc. to make them positive, which benefits me in return in the form of a cyclic process. As I take this pledge and abide by it for a few days, I start realizing the immense potential that it possesses. 

Message for the day

To transform waste into something purposeful and powerful is to remain light. 

Expression: To successfully transform something waste into something powerful and meaningful is to look beyond the situation and see what it has to teach. When there is the ability to do this, there is the ability to go on in spite of the most challenging obstacles. There is the deep understanding that nothing happens without a purpose. There is no time or energy wasted in wasteful company. 

Experience: When I understand the significance of everything that happens, I am able to transform in a second. So I am able to remain light because I am able to put in sincere effort and free myself from the burden of waste. I also find that there is no problem in my relationships too, as I am able to understand others and behave accordingly. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Thought for today 16-4-2014

We seek love on the outside; when really it lies within. We try to use and direct love, rather than become it.

We fetter love with need and dependency, and make it conditional; when love is actually unconditional and for all.

Rethink your understanding of love and how you can be more loving towards all.

Soul Sustenance

Imbibing (Absorbing) Spiritual Knowledge 

The first step into experience, particularly the meditation experience, is knowledge. What does it mean to 'know'? Knowing involves four steps, which ultimately give the meditator the experience of realization: 

The first step of knowing is information. With information, our intellect opens to new ideas and opinions. 

The second step of knowing is knowledge, when we begin to reflect and think on the ideas and views that we have listened to. At this point, we often have to select only a few of the ideas we have heard, as it is not always possible to reflect (think) on all the information that is fed to us. In order to deepen our understanding, we reflect on the information and sometimes discuss our findings and thoughts with others. 

The third step of knowing is when we move from thinking to doing, that is, from knowledge to wisdom. Wisdom is gained when we commit ourselves to doing. Knowledge translated into our everyday behaviour is called wisdom, which, in turn, is called quality life. A life of quality is where personal values are not only realised but also lived and experienced through our practical actions. 

Doing, or practice, naturally brings us to the fourth and final step of knowing, which is called Truth. 

Message for the day

To be merciful means to transform the pain and sorrow of others. 

Expression: The one who is merciful always has the feeling of mercy and is able to help those who are in need or in distress. Such a person is able to bring about transformation in others too because of his own pure feelings. He is able to put in effort that becomes a contribution for the progress of others. 

Experience: When I have mercy for others, I am able to accept their feelings, emotions and behaviour and provide them with the right kind of mental support. Then I am able to give them courage without being influenced negatively with their feelings of pain and sorrow. So my mercy influences myself positively too as I am able to keep myself positive under all circumstances. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Thought for today 15-4-2014

Spirituality teaches me to see my responsibility and what causes I am setting in motion by my thoughts, words and actions. 
I just have to fulfill my responsibilities and the rights will automatically follow, because they are the effect. This may not happen immediately, but it is inevitable. 
The law of cause and effect, action and reaction, the law of karma is an integral part of spirituality. 
It gives us a basis on which to make right choices and create a beautiful future for ourselves and the world around us.