Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Thought for today 20-8-2014

To give regard to all is to have control. 

I usually want to control people and want regard from all. In the process I show my authority to those around me and try to get things done. Yet I find that when I do this I am not able to have anycontrol others or their behaviour. The best way to get things done is by giving regard to all. When I have true regard for them, I am also able to receive regard from them. It is this regard that will make others understand and behave according to my needs.

Soul Sustenance

Instruments/Tools To Perceive God 

Perhaps I have been avoiding coming close to God because of the extraordinary confusion surrounding the subject. Maybe I have just lacked the tools with which to be able to discover God. The whole universe of things going on within a tiny drop of blood can be instantly revealed by the use of a tool or an instrument like the microscope. In the same way, the secrets behind realities of the self, the non-physical, spiritual self and the reality of God remain hidden until undiscovered by the appropriate instruments or tools. With which tools or instruments then, can I perceive or experience God? Since God is non-physical, the tools would also definitely be non-physical in nature. 

That I haven't been able to understand myself is amply demonstrated by the periods of confusion and inner turmoil I go through. Sometimes I don't understand those with whom I share the same room or house, let alone my neighbors next door! The word ‘misunderstanding’ occurs frequently even in the closest of my relationships. It indicates that the quality of my mind, consciousness or even conscience hasn't been sufficiently clear to establish real rapport between myself and others. The realization and experience of God remain even further out of reach. 

There's a very specific methodology involved in firstly understanding and organizing myself, and from that, coming to terms with God. I already have the most powerful of all instruments, the energy of my own mind, to work with. The extent to which I am able to research into the subject of God-realization depends on the quality of my thoughts and feelings. 

Message for the day

To have learnt means to bring about a practical change. 

Projection: From all that happens, I usually understand a lot of things and take important lessons. But sometimes I find myself making the same mistakes again and again. So I am not able to bring about real change. 

Solution: Once I realise and learn from a mistake that has happened, I need to spend some time in understanding it even further. I need to ensure I don't ever repeat the same mistake. This will enable me to bring about real change. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Thought for today 19-8-2014

To have hope in the hopeless is real service. 

 When we see someone behaving very negatively, we tend to react negatively too. We think and speak about his negative qualities and further increase his negativity in our minds. This creates a negative environment which doesn't allow him to change for the better. When I come across someone who is using his negative qualities, I need to make special effort to give him that positive environment where he can get encouraged to use his positive qualities. Only then can I do the special service of bringing about a positive change in him. 

Soul Sustenance

Simple Exercise To Identify Your Hidden Fears 

If you want to overcome and overpower fears that exist inside you, you have to first take a look at your feelings and hidden emotions. After realizing your feelings and emotions, you have to know how to manage them and finally correct or overcome them. Given below is a simple exercise that will help you to achieve that. This exercise will help you identify the conscious and sometimes sub-conscious (very subtle) fears that lie inside you. Choose an area of your life that you feel is negative and needs some improvement. Now, ask yourself these three questions: 

1. What do I really want, what is my aim and objective?
2. What obstacle/obstacles are stopping me from achieving my objectives?
3. What prevents me from dealing with or overcoming that obstacle? 

For each fear that comes to you in response to the question no. 3, ask yourself the following questions:
A. What is the worst that can happen, if what I fear occurs?
B. What is the best possible result for me and for others, if I do it even though I feel afraid of doing it?
C. Keeping in front of you the answer to question B and comparing it with the answer to question A will inspire you to overcome the fears that lie inside you. 

Message for the day

To forgive the self is to have the ability to forgive others too. 

Projection: I sometimes find it very difficult to forgive the mistakes committed by others. I do try to understand but am not able to understand the other person's behaviour and so find it difficult to forgive them. 

Solution: When I have love for myself and am able to learn from all that happens, I am able to forgive myself. When I know to do this, I can understand the other person too from his perspective and can easily forgive him. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Monday, August 18, 2014

Thought for today 18-8-2014

To admire or to praise is to imbibe those virtues too. 

When I notice someone's specialities, I begin to admire them and describe them to others too. I really like those virtues in the other person, but rarely do I make effort to imbibe them in myself too. I need to understand that I like these particular virtues in the other person because they are subtly working within me too. When I work on them more consciously, I will be able to emerge them easily.