Thursday, April 23, 2015

Thought of the day 23/4/2015

At Peace with Time - The Key To Relaxed Living (Part 1) 

To live in freedom you have to live at peace (harmony) with time; live the dimension of time as a creator of time and not a slave of time; live without being either a prisoner or victim of time. To live at peace with time is to live in harmony with nature, beginning with your inner nature. When you plant a sapling today, you cannot accelerate the process so that the next day you have a tree. When it is summer, you cannot make the earth revolve around the sun quicker or slower for winter to arrive before or later. Everything has its rhythm in nature. We have distanced ourselves from the natural rhythm and our accelerated mind exercises pressure, creates stress and causes anxiety. We plan the future, we are stuck in the past and the present escapes us. 

Many worries have to do with how we live time: the past, the present and the future. Worrying about what might happen (future), when the moment has not yet come for it to happen, takes away from us the necessary energy to deal with it when it finally arrives. Living in memories drains our energy; the past already happened and no longer exists, except in our memory. We feed memories, not realizing that emerging the memory in our mind distracts us from the present and weakens us. It is like being a plug that connects to a socket with no current passing through. We lose our energy. We want to relive an experience that already happened, and in the end we feel disappointed, feeling a mental and emotional waste. 

(To be continued tomorrow …)

Soul Sustenance

The Wheel Of Time Turns (Part 6) 

Even today, there are real life recorded instances in nature where metal spoons can be bent and the growth of plants can be influenced positively just by the power of thought, without touching. The process of reproduction in humans of the pure world, explained in yesterday’s message, has not been recorded in history books but evidences of the same are found in the form of references in many of our religious books or shastras. Even in Christianity, it is believed that Jesus Christ was born without any physical contact to virgin Mary by the power of the Holy Spirit of God, that too just about 2000 years ago. That, at a time, when lust had started becoming prevalent in the world and had begun to be seen as natural and existing from the beginning, which was an incorrect perception. Also, the souls coming down from the soul world at that time were not as pure as the ones that descend in the pure world and souls that have descended in the pure world i.e. in the beginning, have also lost their purity after having gone through many lifecycles of birth and death. Approximately 500 years before Christ and after 2500 years of a pure world existence, is the gradual beginning of the impure world. 

When purity is lost, slowly over a period of time, the emotions that are born from purity – peace, love and joy also slowly started reducing in human hearts and human relationships leading to hatred, peacelessness and war in the human state of affairs, which is the story of the next 2500 years. This period of 2500 years is called the dark night of humanity while the first 2500 years is the day. This dark period is the time when humans started disobeying the spiritual laws of karma and lost their way due to a lack of spiritual wisdom. Also, God was remembered a lot in this night and temples, churches and mosques were created as a symbol of this remembrance and to remind man of the higher spiritual parent. It is a wonder of the 5000 year world drama that God descends on Earth only after impurity and sorrow reaches its maximum i.e. when a few years of the 2500 years long night are remaining, approximately 100 years before the 5000 year period is about to end, to perform His task of creating a new world order based of complete purity. 

Message for the day

To receive respect from others comes more with responsibility than as a right. 

Expression: The one who gets respect is the one who becomes worthy of it rather than the one who just expects it. True respect comes from how well a task is done rather than what is done. The more one's speciality is expressed, the more one becomes worthy of respect. 

Experience: When I go on giving my best in whatever is expected of me, I will start receiving respect from those around me. I will then never expect from others but will naturally be able to give respect to all. This further makes me earn their love and regard. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Thought of the day 22/4/2015

Identify The Filters In Your Life 

As there are different types and colour filters on a physical level; on a spiritual level, there are many different types of filters that work in our lives e.g. the jealousy filter, hatred filter, attachment filter, fear filter, greed filter, etc. and many more. Due to these filters, we do not see people and things as they are, but as we are, because the filters are our own self-created ones. If we want to see people and things as they are, we need to check which filters are working most in our lives. Each one of us has different filters working to different extents, depending on our personality e.g. someone might have the jealousy filter working more regularly as compared to the fear filter in his/her life. 

Because of these filters, everything that we see is not only coloured by the colour of the filter we are using at that time, but our look is also biased as we choose what to see, what to give more importance, what to be affected by more, what to let through the filter etc. and what not to. We have and form a deceptive vision of the things and people that surround us inside our minds. And the longer this deformed vision lasts, the more we will convince ourselves that that is the true image of the world, because our filters continue to process new data depending on what they see that make the image stronger. This reinforcing of the incorrect image builds up our database of incorrect beliefs based on different filters and makes them stronger and stronger as we go through our life journey. Beliefs are fixed ways of looking at reality. Thus, the world that we perceive is no longer the real world, but a world created by our own mind. So in a way we become deaf and blind on a spiritual level towards the world. To heal this deafness and blindness, we do not have to remove each filter one after the other, which may become a difficult task; but we have to discover the pure, original internal self and start seeing everything without the filters, based on the pure-self point of view. As a result of that, gradually our incorrect beliefs start dissolving and correct beliefs start setting in based on our clean unfiltered view.

Soul Sustenance

The Wheel Of Time Turns (Part 5) 

God was always a permanent resident of the soul world and a spectator of everything happening below for the first 2500 years of the 5000 year world cycle, when the world was completely pure. Even conception or reproduction or the process which initiates the formation of the birth of a child or offspring in this world is a subtle process and a completely non-lustful process although the actual process of the creation of the baby inside the mother’s womb is very much a physical one. Non-lustful processes of reproduction or conception without the physical union of two genders exist even in the present world in a few animals, plants, fish, birds, insects and lesser developed organisms. 

The method can be compared to the theory of psychosomatic illnesses, wherein the thought patterns of the mind, whether positive or negative have a beneficial or harmful effect respectively on the recovery of the illness which exists inside the physical body of a human, which is an example of the non-physical influencing the physical. In the same way, the non-physical technique of reproduction is a meeting of pure thoughts between the two parents i.e. the male and the female, wherein both carry a powerful and positive thought to bring the new creation or baby in the world, which causes the sanskaras of the new child to become like the sanskaras of the two parents on a non-physical level. On looking at the makeup of the systems in the present human body, one might wonder that this is impossible. But, an important point to note is that the systems of the body have evolved (changed) from what they were 5000 years ago. The five elements of nature which make up the physical body and its systems have also changed and become more impure as compared to what they were around 5000 years ago, resulting in a rise in physical illnesses or ailments. Physical body processes, related to the systems, have also changed and gone down in their purity levels. Also, the power of thought in the pure world, where extremely pure souls that have just come down from the soul world is immense which can influence nature much more than our thoughts today. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message for the day

Greatness lies in revealing one's own speciality. 

Expression: Greatness means recognising one's own speciality and being a donor with it. It also means being royal and great in what is given to the mind - that means giving the mind only the positive. When there is greatness in this way there is speciality and uniqueness seen in every act of mine. 

Experience: When I am able to perceive my inner greatness, I am able to be content because there are no expectations, but there's only a feeling of being a giver. I find myself to be light and easy and enjoying each moment of my life, slowly moving towards perfection. I am also able to attain the blessings and good wishes from others. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Thought of the day 21/4/2015

If you live in a shared space, you might find that often the issue that creates tension is housework.  
But like it or not, household chores need to be done.  So try to divide the chores fairly & agree on who does what around the house.

Keep in mind that everyone does things differently & has different cleanliness standards.  
So relax your expectations & trust each other to get on with the chores.  And when someone neglects to do their bit, give a friendly reminder, lend a hand if you can or communicate without nagging.