Thursday, July 24, 2014

Thought for today 24-7-2014

Everyone thinks they need to get something. But the truth is we don't need anything. We already have what we need. Trouble arises when we think we have to keep what we receive. It's the keeping that sustains our neediness. But whatever comes to us is not for keeping, it is for giving. And when you give, you get. Deep down we all know this eternal truth. It's one of those cast iron laws of the universe. But we are conditioned to think the opposite. No wonder there is a poverty of faith. Not religious faith, but the faith that the universe will bring us whatever we need, at the right moment in the right way. So start today -- give, give, give - time, energy, assistance, care, co-operation. On how many levels do you see the opportunity to give? It's good to be a just do it person. Even better to be a 'just give it person'. And the paradox will make itself known - when you give you will realise you already have everything you need. 

Soul Sustenance

Radiating Love To The Universe 

I sit in a comfortable position… I relax my body…I breathe deeply and let go of tensions… 
I centre myself in the present moment… I concentrate my mind… I enter into the space of inner silence… The thoughts diminish and my mind relaxes fully… Now experience the following thoughts: 

I am a non-physical being of light, full of love, centered on the forehead… I am a river flowing with love… my source is the Supreme Ocean Of Love, God; whose child I am… I experience myself sitting under his canopy of the light of love… 

I love each part of my physical body which is my vehicle. I relax it… I love each thought that I create, it is my creation… I generate gentle thoughts, tender, relaxing… I feel the energy of love that radiates from within me towards the universe… I, the soul give off love towards what surrounds me… 

I give off love towards other souls… I look at everyone with the consciousness that each one, whatever their temporary nature may be, their innate nature is love… I give my spiritual assistance, my good wishes to them, so that they return back to their original, basic nature, which is love… I give off love towards each molecule of the five elements of nature – earth, wind, water, fire and sky and the planet as a whole. I am love… I channel this love towards everything I think, feel, do and transmit… 

By performing the above meditation and sharing my unlimited treasure of love, I assist the Supreme Father, through my thoughts, in his task of creating a world full of love, where all souls and the nature co-exist in a loveful and peaceful manner...

Message for the day

To serve with the heart, with love is to guarantee success.

Projection: When I have to be of help to others, I sometimes find myself doing it with force. I don't seem to be really interested in doing it but situations or people seem to be forcing me to do it. I then don't enjoy what I do and also don't find the benefit of it either to others or to myself.

Solution: I need to consciously make an effort to see what people are benefitting when I am helping them. With this conscious effort I am able to help others with love without feeling the heaviness of what I have to do. Thus I find my actions to be much more fruitful.

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Thought for today 23-7-2014

When things are tough or when you're dealing with a difficult person; no matter how dark a moment it is, try to bring light.

Connect to your inner light, be illuminated and illuminate the moment. It may be your presence, words, humour or an attitude of genuine interest.

Soul Sustenance

Innate (Basic) And Acquired Value 

Everything we see has what can be called its acquired value and its innate or basic value. The acquired value is that which it has picked up by coming into contact with external objects throughout its existence or life. The innate value is what it always is irrespective of its external interactions. For example, the acquired value of gold changes with the fluctuations of its price in the market. Its innate or real value is that it's one of the most beautiful metals; very ductile, malleable, etc. 

If we were asked about the qualities of any good, peaceful relationship with someone, we would quickly reply: love, trust, patience, respect, honesty, sincerity, tolerance, humility, sympathy, etc. How do we know this? Is it purely from experience? Can we remember having really experienced any of these qualities in any relationship completely and constantly? Probably no. Then how can we say it is from experience? In such a case, where does this urge for rightness come from? Our heart tells us it comes from a basic, inherent sense of what is true and good, of our innate value. Though these qualities are what we see as our ideal qualities; when I am in a weakened state, I’m unable to bring them into practice, when I want, according to the needs of the moment. They need to be strengthened inside. One of the most immediate benefits of the practice of meditation then, is to bring about this internal strengthening. My basic qualities are just waiting for a chance to emerge out in the open. Like a light bulb without current, possibility of lighting up my qualities exists, but they need to be connected to a source of power, which is exactly what meditation gives us. 

Message for the day

Inner satisfaction brings creativity. 

Projection: Quite often I find myself trying to keep pace with the things that I have always been doing. I seem to be caught up in the routine to the extent that I experience monotony. I then cannot think of any newness that I can bring in my life. 

Solution: It is only with my inner satisfaction that can I bring creativity in my life. For this, while doing the routine jobs that I am involved in throughout the day, I need to make special effort to keep myself content with the things that are going on and also think of new ways of doing what I am already doing. Then I will never experience boredom in my life. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Thought for today 22-7-2014

Self-discipline is the glue that enables you to stick with what you're doing, be consistent & facilitate what needs to happen.

Discipline doesn't have to be hard or harsh. Actually, it involves love for your goal & commitment to what you really want. Then it becomes much easier to avoid instant gratification &, instead, to go for your goal.