Monday, June 29, 2015

Thought of the day 29.06.2015

ABCD of Change

Here's the ABCD for making personal change happen:

A: Awareness. Identify what you would like to change in yourself.

B: Belief. Recognise & challenge the belief(s) holding you back. For example,
    believing 'I can't change', 'It's too difficult.'

C: Commitment. 'I'll try' isn't good enough. Work out an effective action plan,
    as well as things you will do to sustain the commitment.

D: Discipline. Establish the purpose, why this change is important. Then with
    love & enthusiasm you'll sustain the discipline to make the change happen

Soul Sustenance

Living Life On The Surface 

In an ideal situation, the thoughts that run in my mind, should be exactly those that I would like and I want. We do exert this control, that we possess, over our thoughts, but it is not complete and it is only sometimes. The more we become completely engrossed in our daily routine, the more our thoughts tend to become reactions to what goes on outside us. That’s when they go out of control and our lives move in an unfocused way. As a result things don't work out as we might have desired. Then we develop a habit of blaming other people and circumstances, or we justify our pain by telling ourselves we are not very worthy or powerful enough. Often, these two inner strategies go together. The trouble is, both are cover ups, preventing us from going for a long-term solution. 

In this way, we tend to live our lives on a very superficial level, without taking the time to find the solution to what is going on wrong inside. Deeper difficulties remain hidden inside. I move from one scene of life to another - eating, watching television, studying in college, getting married, changing jobs, buying a new car or house, etc. without ever stopping. All these are part of living, but if I make them my whole and sole, my foundation, it’s as if I skate across the surface of life without being in touch with the core. As time progresses, an inner shallowness develops. Then the feeling keeps growing inside that there must be more to life than this. I then, find that my relationships are not working out as I would have hoped and they are lacking in depth.

Message of the day

Understanding brings happiness. 

Expression: Happiness lies in understanding the secret of whatever is happening. When one is able to remain happy in this way, he is able to spread this happiness to those around too, influencing the lives of all. 

Experience: When I am able to remain happy under all circumstances, I am able to be free from the influence of others' negativity. Instead I will be able to become a major source of positive influence to those around me. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Thought of the day 28.06.2015

Going Beyond False Identifications 

The more I identify with the physical factors of my life, the more I become a prisoner to my destiny or the various up and downs of my life. E.g. if my self-respect is attached to my beautiful new car, how will I feel about myself when the car becomes old and its beauty and shine reduce? Or if I my car is stolen or gets immensely damaged in a road accident? Then, I shall find myself in an identity crisis. The same will be true if my business or job is everything to me. If one day, I am in a good financial state and I enjoy a very respectable and dominant position, and the next day I find myself in a dispute in my profession and I suddenly lose all of that, and nobody wants to know me, I will feel as if I have lost my soul and have almost died. The problem is sometimes so great that people do, literally, lose their desire to live. It happens, too, in relationships, when your partner leaves you either due to a separation, a divorce or even death - a partner in whom you have invested all your love and emotions. Or if my identity is tied to my back balance or property, and suddenly I am broke. 

All of these are actually false identifications, and the crazy part of living this way is that I can never be satisfied, even if I succeed in maintaining my false identity. These kind of false identifications do not keep me placed stably on my seat of self-respect and either bring about an inferiority complex or a superiority complex - both of which are false, so both bring insecurity. Even while I am externally successful, having my identity based on that success means I am a slave to them. I've handed over my self-esteem to them. I become addicted to it.

Soul Sustenance

Crossing Negative Circumstances (Part 3) 

In order to have a wider perception and not to drown in any negative situation i.e. not to get affected by it, you can position yourself in a positive way. Instead of losing respect for the self and developing a negative consciousness, if you make your consciousness positive and stabilize yourself in respect towards yourself, in maintaining your positive and powerful self-esteem and a healthy distance (not necessarily physical distance, but rather by not letting the situation absorb you), you will be able to have an eagle's vision. From above, everything looks smaller. It is easier to get over something small. You can. I am a victorious soul or I am a destroyer of obstacles are examples of positive consciousness.

Whatever happens, it is important to always be aware that you create your thoughts and you allow the situations to have greater or lesser impact inside you, according to how you see them. Learn to create thoughts full of courage, trust and determination. Spirituality and the practice of meditation helps you do just that. Those thoughts, charged with positive energy, will help you to allow each situation to pass; to really overcome it and leave it behind; for it not to remain alive in your thoughts or in your memory.

With the power of a mind that creates thoughts full of good energy, wherever you go, you will create a pleasant atmosphere.
 Your vibrations will create spaces full of beauty, love, trust and peacefulness; spaces where all those who enter will remove their masks and will connect again with their true self. 

Message of the day

You'll be able to do your best when you have respect for the tasks that you are involved in. 

Expression: Even the smallest task that you do becomes special when you understand why you are doing it. It then enables you to have respect for whatever you do. When you work with this respect you'll automatically do the best. 

Experience: Check what your feelings are in all the tasks that you are involved in throughout the day. In case you find any task as unimportant don't do it. Also tell yourself at the beginning of the day that today you will take the time to do everything properly. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Thought of the day 27.06.2015

We are normally kind to people who are kind to us. But when someone is not behaving well, we tend to change our attitude, response and behaviour toward that person. We wait for the other person to change before changing ourselves. So we do not find change in others nor in ourselves.

When I see others’ inner qualities I connect to them more easily. I will not be dependent on another person’s behaviour for my own growth today. 
I will see each person’s positive aspects and take them within myself. In this way I will become richer with each interaction.