Thursday, May 28, 2015

Thought of the day 28.05.2015

Transforming The Other’s Anger In meditation, when I connect with God, I absorb His spiritual love and peace, which causes my own original qualities, which are present in me, the soul, to come to the forefront or to the surface, to emerge in the conscious from the sub-conscious. As a result, where previously there would have been conflict, I have a greater capacity to remain peaceful when another person behaves in an unpleasant way with me. I have the power to stay mentally and emotionally stable when someone provokes or insults me. This power is enormously valuable in life, enabling me to cool heated situations, and even remove another person's anger altogether. Instead of focusing on the anger on a person's face, I focus my attention to the non-physical, star-like being or soul within the person, which was peaceful and loveful in its original, pure state. This increases my tolerance and acceptance power. Also, through my meditation, I am actively aware of the spiritual bond all human beings share, as souls who have a common home of peace, the incorporeal (non-physical) home, from where all of souls come and a common connection with the One Supreme Father, the Supreme Soul. Through this knowledge, I connect with the goodness in the other soul and my love for the soul is maintained. I realize that this goodness is a deeper reality than the anger. The truth is that if I can hold this soul-conscious vision steady for long enough, I radiate positive energy to the other soul, which works like magic and awakens the goodness within the other person. Then, my tolerance bears fruit and peace really does prevail between the two of us.

Soul Sustenance

Different Shades Of Attachment To Opinions And Ideas (Part 1) Very often in a group or team, whether social or official, while moving towards a common goal or objective or purpose, different people in the group or gathering give their opinion to make the objective of the team possible. While giving their opinion, one very commonly sees two different categories of people. The first category contains type of people who are attached to their ideas (to different extents) while presenting them to the group and the other contains type of people who are extremely active, positive and authoritative in giving their ideas, when they are required to do so, but are able to keep a relationship of detachment with their ideas. If someone is attached to his/her idea and it is not accepted, he/she might react emotionally (internally) or even physically (externally). He/she: - might even start creating disharmony in the group by talking against or creating ill-feelings for the person who objected to his idea or - might stop co-operating with the remaining members of the group or - sometimes may just disassociate or distance himself/herself from the group, which is a quiet way of non co-operation and can cause ripples of negative thoughts and feelings in the others. These and others are some of the common reactions of someone whose idea/ideas are not accepted. So the right balance of authority (while giving the idea) and humility (while accepting the result of the idea, the result could be rejection or even acceptance of the idea) has to be maintained. Humility comes very naturally to someone who is detached to his/her idea. (To be continued tomorrow…)

Message of the day

Positive thoughts heal even the disease of the body. Thought to ponder: When I am ill, it is very easy for the mind to become ill too. I tend to have negative thoughts and suffer. These negative thoughts don't restrict themselves to that particular part of the body, but is carried forward to the entire body and the mind too. The mind which has to be the healer, becomes a victim and hence weak. At such times, it is important that my mind is strong creating a positive influence on the body. Point to practice: Today I will not think about my illness. When the thought does come, I will make sure I give vibrations of power and peace to that part, so that I will help it to heal. I will do everything for it to heal rather than damaging it further by having negative thoughts about it. In Spiritual Service, Brahma Kumaris

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Thought of the day 27.05.2015

In ancient times, the mind was understood to be extremely difficult to control. It was said to be like the wind: you could never catch it, or hold it - it went where it wished and no human being could become its master. In other instances, it was said that the mind was like an elephant: extremely powerful but equally gentle and patient, able to do a lot of work for its master. However, when an elephant turns wild, its gentleness and patience completely disappear and it destroys and damages everything in its path. When the mind is under stress, it resembles a wild elephant; it has no control and cannot be controlled. 

Taming the mind is regarded as a great art requiring time, attention, practice and, above all, a sincerity of heart where individuals truly want to change their way of thinking. To relax, to be positive, to be peaceful and kind all require a change in our thought patterns and this can only happen when we look deeply within. However hard they try, other people cannot change us; we must have personal realization and the desire to make changes through our own effort. Permanent and positive change cannot be imposed from outside; it is something that we choose.

Soul Sustenance

If Tomorrow Didn’t Exist (Part 3)! 

A world full of joy is an impossible thing to think about and a world where the clouds of sorrow are right on top of us looks more of a possibility for the complete world. Keep your hand on your heart and ask yourself for a moment if the tomorrow based on what you see happening in the world today, didn’t exist what would you do today to create a secure future for your lives and the world as a whole, a future as per what God thinks and plans. 

God is often in story books shown as a white bearded figure sitting in the clouds and giving us joy as well as sorrow. But God is a Supreme Being of Consciousness, not visible to the physical eyes, who stays beyond the clouds and the world of the five elements of sky, air, fire, water and earth in the sixth element. He does not ever hurt His children but only thinks of the welfare of His children from every nation of the world. He is a being of energy or spiritual light and might with a most powerful mind and intellect in the Universe watching over the current rise in difficult situations in the lives of millions of people across the world.Don’t think He is merciless. He is on an incognito level awakening the consciousness of human souls and empowering their mind and intellect so that the effect of this subtle thought power flows into the world and even the five elements of nature and makes them peaceful and co-operative instead of as violent as they are today. This is the secret task of God. God is not indifferent or cold to the sorrows of the old world. In fact, He, being the most patient being in the Universe, is working tirelessly on an incognito level to bring back the world of the past, a world of joy. Don’t forget that even about 500 years ago, the world was filled with the energy of joy much more than the joy of the present world although scientific advancement was less at that time, but everyone in the world at that time lived together like one big happy family much more than how we live with each other today. 

Message of the day

To do the internal dance of happiness at the time of tiredness is to bring an instant change in our mood. 

Thought to ponder: When I am tired, it is easy to give in to the tiredness and feel low, irritable or vulnerable. At such a time, I need to do something that my mind can dance with happiness. When I have the aim of being happy and do this little exercise of being happy, I will be able to be free from tiredness of the body and mind. 

Point to practice: Today I will do something nice to recharge myself. It could be something as simple as listening to a nice song or taking a peaceful walk or painting something. This little effort of mine would give me happiness and bring enthusiasm in all I do. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thought of the day 26.05.2015

The gap between what you say and what you do, between what you promise and what you deliver is like a drain in the road. The drain is where water escapes, just as your power will seep away if there is a difference between your words and your actions. Ask yourself every day, were your thoughts, words and actions aligned? Ask someone else what they saw in you too. Feedback is the food of all positive change.