Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Thought of the day 24.05.2016

Time to Understand

Most people don't understand themselves or others. We need to make time for this. We get too impatient. Very often, because we are not willing to take this time, misunderstandings continue. We don't take time to listen to someone quietly and try to understand them. Then we start inventing things about them, because we simply haven't taken the time to understand.

Soul Sustenance

Newness At Every Step (Part 1) 

Living a life of positivity and creativity makes life a beautiful journey which one loves completely and enjoys to the fullest extent. Different thoughts, words and actions full of newness and enthusiasm are the driving energy of your life. Life should not be a routine with the same type of thoughts, words and actions everyday. On the other hand, life should be a journey full of happiness and variety with different types of events and not the same scenes and situations everyday. Also making a lot of interactions with different types of people everyday gives life a new touch of positivity and relaxation which would not be possible if we met the same people everyday. So, make it a point to meet new people everyday and give life a new meaning and purpose by doing different types of creative activities. Even in your job, look for different types of activities which give life a new purpose. Don’t become accustomed to a similar routine everyday which can make the job or even the house work a boring exercise. Be creative and bring newness at every step. 

Also, whenever you start your day, create a few positive thoughts or affirmations in your mind. Let them be full of success and energy and a lot of determination which will keep you full of positive energy in the entire day, so that actions can be performed without getting tired. This is what joyful living is. Also, after every couple of hours in the day, stop your work for 3 minutes and check the thoughts in your mind. If they are going in the wrong direction, give them a new direction by meditating and creating a lot of powerful thoughts or at times if you feel it more comfortable, experience silence. One is an expansion of thoughts and the other is packing up. Both are spiritual methods of empowering the mind. Both have their own benefits and are opposite type of methods but both help in mind control. Try either one depending on the situation. Also, at some points of time in the day, talk to God and make Him a part of your life as you would make a close relative or friend, in the same manner. 

(To be continued tomorrow …) 

Message of the day

Greatness lies in humility. 

Expression:The one who is humble is always willing to learn - from others and situations. So whatever happens a humble person never reacts to the situations, but acts positively whilst being in a stage of self-respect. So there is greatness visible in the one who is humble. 

Experience: Humility brings an experience of being full and complete. So naturally I am available for service, and have always the thought of bringing benefit to as many as possible. Humility also gives an experience of being a master, because no situation or person binds me, but I am able to experience freedom. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Monday, May 23, 2016

Thought of the day 23.05.2016

Inside Out 

There is essentially only one way in which you can bring about self-transformation - that's if you want to - but you will not think you need to if you are still taking your happiness from outside yourself, and still managing to tolerate the periods of unhappiness which result. As soon as your happiness is dependent on anything outside, you make yourself a slave to a condition, substance or perhaps a person. A slave is not free. And happiness is impossible if you are not free. Perhaps this goes some way to explaining why our happiness fluctuates. Real happiness does not go up and down. Real freedom means that your happiness comes from inside out. That will require detachment and renunciation, not least from the illusions and conditioning of society which would have you believe happiness can be acquired from outside in. Can you see it? Inside out, not outside in!

Soul Sustenance

Overcoming The Fear Of Interaction Or Socializing 

There are various activities that you are perhaps afraid of doing, but that you know they are very useful activities to indulge in e.g. if you are afraid of socializing or interacting with people, either on a one-to-one basis or in a group. In a party or a situation where lots are people are enjoying the company of each other or in a meeting with your boss for e.g., you feel out of place and uncomfortable. The problem might lie in a negative image of the self or low self-esteem, lack of confidence, fear of the other’s opinion about you, lack of spiritual strength, past failure in having done so, being influenced by the other person’s role or position etc. How do you overcome this fear? By interacting with more and more people. The more you interact and mix up with them and express your viewpoint fearlessly, you realize that it is not a problem. Even if you make a mistake or you feel unsure, with practice you will see that there is no problem. 

Most of our fears are overcome with the practice of doing what you are afraid of. If you do not make a brave step forward in order to overcome the fear of expressing yourself, you will continue to be the victim of this fear. This fear is then a negative energy that paralyses your intellect as a result of which your concentration and your decision-making power reduces. It also disorganizes your ideas, and confuses you whenever you express yourself in front of a person or people. What is more, fear produces clumsiness in your words, body movements and actions and makes you lose your image of credibility. It gives an impression of nervousness and low self-respect to the other. You have to overcome it, and you will manage to do it with practice and by changing the vision that you have of others: they are not a threat, they are not judges who are going to pass a judgment against you, they are offering you the opportunity to express yourself. If you value yourself, you will not be afraid of not being appreciated by them and others will finally appreciate you. If you do not value yourself, the opposite will happen. 

Message of the day

To be a self-sovereign is to be in control. 

Expression:The one who is a self-sovereign never finds difficulty in being in control. He doesn't have to go out of control and then bring himself back in control. The moment the order is given to the self, every thought, word and action is immediately in order. 

Experience: To be a self-sovereign means to be aware of my own specialities and work with them. When I am a self-sovereign I experience myself to be free. This is because nothing binds me but I am able to win over my weaknesses too. Thus I find myself to be in total happiness in all situations. 

In Spiritual Service,
Brahma Kumaris

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Thought of the day 22.05.2016

Power to Face

If we face our problems and respond to them positively, and refuse to give in to panic, bitterness, or self-pity, these adverse situations that look like they could bury us have within them the very real potential to make us unshakable.